Im often asked what do I think of meditation. Nowadays, I don’t think about it very much at all. Years ago I might have given one answer or another, and meditation seems to be defined differently depending on who you ask. Meditation, for me, seems like less like trying to “do” something and more like just allowing something, even when our thoughts interrupt, it’s all part of the process. It may be even easier to consider the things that bring joy, ease, calm etc to you. Hobbies often bring a great degree of pleasure to people yet are seldom considered a form of meditation. Anything that allows calm, contentment or a sudden sense of gratitude or even a kind of internal smile & I feeling of innocence can result in what many seek when meditating. In other words, meditation may be less of an act & more of a state of being without any self talk, comparison or need for validation from others. Children, at play, seem to get close to this especially when playing alone.